Kırkbinsinek was formed in 2008 by Alper Antmen, Özgür Devrim Akçay, Tolga Öztürk and Tuncay Korkmaz. After a short time Tuncay Korkmaz left the band and the band continued playing with three members.While Özgür Devrim Akçay was out of town for a few months, Cenk Akkaya played the drums with the band.After Özgür came back to İstanbul in the fall of 2010, Barış Güvenenler joined the band and they started playing with four members again. Sinan Güldal joined the band in this period and produced the stage visuals until the beginning of 2014. Douglas Vegas joined in the band instead of Tolga Öztürk and Volkan İncüvez joined too the band instead of Barış Güvenenler in 2018.

Since 2008, Kırkbinsinek has performed their music in a great variety of bars and festivals.

 The band’s song “Pus Almış Dağı” appeared in the album “Kompile Karga 3” which was released by Karga Bar in 2012.

“Sis Pus Sus” , which is the debut album of the band, is released in April 2015 by record label World in Sound in Germany.